Standard, A Quality Controller

How does standardization improve the quality and removing bias?

Everyone has their own opinions towards something. When executing a task, everyone solves the problem in their way. Moreover, with different results, people could easily argue if there is a difference. With no reference, the debate hardly will produce an acceptable outcome.

Various numbers of students are taking countless papers to test their academic capability. There is someone who is deemed capable of assessing the students, teachers and lecturers. With the competency and standards that the teachers possess, it could maintain the quality of the students.

The standard is not only playing the role of improving the quality. It could also be used as the rule of thumb to solve a problem. Litigation will follow the local law to resolve the dispute. If there is no proper framework for resolving a dispute, the litigation could be harnessed and misused by unintended parties. The consequences eventually lead to overall regression of social equality.

The standardization could also be harnessed to maintain a uniform product where any defection could be detected through the mismatch of the product properties. By standardizing a product, a customer will expect the same quality and progressively build a strong brand that delivers high product satisfaction to the customer.

Quality control could happen if the standard is made after countless revisions and constant improvement. The quality can be created and improved by the experienced one, with the mindset of accepting new ideas for improving the standard.

Maintaining a standard could not only remove the unnecessary prejudice and bias that humans have. It could also become a guideline of how a thing should become. Therefore, by following a standard, it could solve countless problems and creating a better life.

Standard is a clear solution to tackle bias, solve problems, and controlling quality

Do you think a standard is necessary? How could it help you in your daily life?

Exposure, Trend, and Action

Why is the awareness of exposure so crucial to a person growth?

The human brain is triggered by a series of eye-catching incidents. These events are catching people attention by generating immediate gratification. Without this setting, drama, news, and controversial actions would not be omnipresent.

A person reaction could be affected by the length of exposure of these precursors. If the exposure triggers a short term action, it would usually form a trend macroscopically. A sudden market crash, a blockbusting movie, and a viral new restaurant are prime examples of short-term exposure.

The main selling point of the events is the short-term excitement that they offer to people. The short term reaction triggered by the events often brings little to no effect. Other than the short-term excitement, it is often not productive at all. In this era, this short-term exposure created by the relevant parties harnessing people short term reaction hopes to look for an interest in the short run.

With less excitement, an action that creates long term exposure is often less attractive than the short term one. However, the effect that it brings is often monumental that define a lifestyle. For instance, the hobby that one has will the decision-making and spending habits of a person.

Even in the absence of exposure, the impact will be chronic to a person and carried throughout the rest of life, given there is no sudden perturbation. For instance, a dopehead will be addicted after a period of drug usage, even after he tried to stop it.

Regardless of the exposure time, people are constantly and deliberately giving each other exposure through communication. It will have a positive and negative impact depends on the decision. Therefore, it is crucial to realize the potential exposure before one indulges in it. Because after one gets lost, it would take a remarkable effort to neutralize the exposure.

“Aware of the potential exposure, avoid the potential trouble.”

What kind of exposure that you wish to avoid?

Choice, A Life Determining Action

How does choice affect one’s life significantly?

Everyone make countless decisions in their life, from what to eat to who to marry. Some decisions are more impactful than others. If the choice is decided unwisely, the consequences will reduce the chance to make a decision freely.

The choice will result in the subsequent action to implement. For example, when one has selected a course in a university. One needs to put aside a considerable amount of time to study the course. One may sacrifice time for having fun. When one chooses the wrong path, one may suffer throughout university life.

Other than the effect, the choice also comes with a commitment. A commitment will act as a double-edge sword. It will help one to stay on a path to fulfil a greater goal. It will also make one persistent during the struggle.

When one is in a situation of having a significant choice, one should not be ignorant of the consequences. However, some may be ignorant and underestimate the power of choice. Therefore, one at least needs to be aware of the importance of the freedom of choosing. Usually, it can be known from the consequences and the time to commit the outcome.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much one has tried to strive in their life. When one has made a wrong choice, the consequences will be irreversible, which one may regret. Therefore, the last thing that one can do is value the opportunity to make a wise choice. By choosing wisely, one would preserve a chance to make the next choice.

“Do not underestimate the power of choice. It is as powerful as the action.”

What kind of choice makes your life getting better?

Motivation and Intention Matters

Why motivation and intention matter the most when one aims for an objective?

Most people have tried to pursue aims and goals in their life. One is likely to have a motivation or intention to support an action. Here it comes with two questions. First, why one needs to have a motive or purpose when aiming at an objective? Second, why motivation must be sustainable and what is the effect if it is not sustainable?

Motivation or intention, a contemplation towards the end goals, has been fantasized by a human being. With a motive or purpose, no clear idea is generated. For instance, if one wants to have an intention to tackle the social issue in a city, one will try to find an approach or solution to reduce social inequality.

A motivation or intention is often affected by the family upbringing, social environment, and inspiration towards an ideal figure. As an emotional being, regardless of the rate of emotion expressed, the events or minor daily habits strengthen the motivation or intention.

In this fast-paced era, every society has set a standard of what is good. Motivation and intention can be easily affected by the outside world. The phenomenon worsened by the presence of the internet, which provides an unprecedented rate of connection that alters human nature in a way.
In a social norm, one motivation and intention formed where most people tend to have a similar goal.

Overall, it will drive society in a direction that could shape a reality based on an idea. With collective minds and efforts, this idea will navigate a person in a better way. Towards a goal, one should identify some flaws in the social norm.

Therefore, a sustainable motivation is required to generate a clear goal that can be pursued long term. What is a sustainable motive? A motive that still valid if one has failed to pursue a goal or objective. In a sense, when one fails to achieve a milestone, this motivation will keep one moving forwards.

How to check that one has a sustainable motivation? First, if one has pursued an aim that hated by oneself, but still does it because of a need to have social validation. If one has encountered such a problem, it is not a sustainable motivation. Second, the action based on the flawed purpose will have zero gain in oneself. In other words, despite one has worked hard towards a goal in a period, one still running on the same point.

It is very challenging for oneself to have the motivation and even a sustainable one. However, when one has it, one may not be thinking about what should be done and have a sense of control over one’s life. Therefore, towards a goal, sustainable motivation and intention matter the most. It does not only create a direction, but it also makes a life journey more meaningful.

“A sustainable motivation and intention matter the most to create a goal.”

What kind of motivation and intention you have for pursuing a goal? Does it sustainable?