A Senseless Hoarding

Will you get rid of the items that have been kept for a long time? People get excitement in various ways. One of them is to own new stuff. Purchasing new shoes, a new laptop, or even a new car will boost mood temporarily. Humans tend to appreciate the new things, as new items willContinue reading “A Senseless Hoarding”

A Figure to Follow

By following a figure, does it reflect what kind of value one has? In this world, there are countless successful people in their fields. In their areas, a figure inevitably has some followers or admirers. There are thousands and millions of fans that freak out and are meticulously lookout for the actions and behaviours ofContinue reading “A Figure to Follow”


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The Coffee Talk is a blog that is dedicated to self development and deep talk. As this blog has just started, we are expecting more feedbacks for the improvement. Hope everyone enjoys reading this blog 🙂

About The Writer

Hi, Surya’s here. I am an Indonesian who stay in Singapore. I like to read some books and do some deep talk. Stay tuned for my new post!

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