The Aberration of Norm

Why do people feel offended by the action from people with different cultures? Every society is ruled by its people with the support of its laws and norms. The laws directly control the people to ensure the people are under control. Other than the explicit rules that would bring direct consequences, there is an implicitContinue reading “The Aberration of Norm”

An Emotional Hijacking

How does one behave during the emotional hijacking? The emotional dynamic of humans is shaped through life events, the environment, and the value system of the surroundings. Some people can take negative emotions better than others and perform well under stress. The negative emotions that one possesses can be a double-edged sword depending on theContinue reading “An Emotional Hijacking”

A Distorted Virtue

When a person criticizes the other, is it constructive? If not, why do people keep doing it? One may encounter actions that do not fit the personal value in daily life. A person with high cleanliness standards may find a person not as clean as him as dirty. The difference may lead to the innerContinue reading “A Distorted Virtue”


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Hi, Surya’s here. I am an Indonesian who stay in Singapore. I like to read some books and do some deep talk. Stay tuned for my new post!

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