The Courage to Facing Issue

When facing an unfriendly person, are you going to avoid it or facing it bravely?

Every day various challenge comes either from external or internal. While facing a challenge, one’s attitude often deciding the outcome of an issue. With countless possibilities, one could solve the problem with little to no effort. On the other hand, another has anxiety caused by the difficulty to find a solution.

Human, with a dualism personality, is often the one that generates the problem for one another. Depends on tolerance, one prefers a person with favourable traits. It depends on the value that one believes. On the other hand, if it is against what one believes, one may suffer and avoiding them.

When facing the people that possess traits that against one, one would change and adapt the behaviour to handle people. Therefore, the behaviour differs from benefitting other people, such as tolerance, submissive, and distress. There is also behaviour that confronts others from arguing until fighting back.

It is confusing to decide whether to tolerate other behaviours or voicing out unpleasant feeling towards another. One faces it frequently when encountering an authority. If one gives in on the problem, it will induce resentment and erode one’s confidence. On the other hand, directly confronting them would harm oneself.

Instead of winning over an argument and being resentful, one needs to be objective and rational to find the root cause. Ideally speaking, it could be challenging for most people if the issue is related to personal behaviour issue. However, being objective does not mean people themselves are not the root cause.

If the confrontation is unavoidable, facing it straightly could be the best solution. By fighting for own rights, one could retain the respect of other people and let others know your boundary. On another side, one could be braver in facing issues and keep being strong in adversity. Therefore, when one is facing a problem, standing straight and facing the issue courageously.

What kind of issue that you need to face straightforwardly?

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