Popularity and Potential, A Career Selection

Some industries are developing faster, does the development is due to the popularity or the potential?

When one has just graduated from school, some do not have a picture of their career paths. When money has become a need, choosing a career with a high wage or a popular industry becomes a tempting factor, People may not know what is the working world before step into it.

It is challenging to finding a clear career direction unless one has passion and plan. Two main factors that will blindly affect career choice: potential and popularity, where these two factors are often intertwined. The potential and popularity have incentivized the industry with high growth rate and high wages. As a consequence, it centralizes the talent from all of the worlds to compete in the industry.

There is a consequences when one does not prepare thoroughly from dive to the career and distinguish oneself. One is likely to produce the same outcome compare to colleagues from the same industry. Moreover, one may feel miserable and could not enjoy what they do. Don’t you feel miserable by doing something that you are not good at, especially when you do it without passion?

Therefore, it is not wise to choose occupation based on popularity and potential. Moreover, one should not choose it because of social opinion. It is hard to decide what to choose as there are options. Then, what are the parameter that one should apply for career choosing?

As everyone has different personalities, some are exceptionally well in executing specific tasks. Some people are good at leading, while the others are meticulous. With a variety of traits, some occupations are more suitable for one than another. If one could choose a career that is suitable for oneself. It will indeed increase joy in the work and become more dedicated in finishing the task.

If one does not know what to choose, choosing a career that suits our strength is also a wise option. When one was in high school, some are strong in some subjects, some are strong at sports, while the others are strong at hands-on stuff. From there, it could be an indication for choosing a future career.

To sum up, potential and popularity should not be the only option to choose a career, especially when personality and strength align with it. There is no point of working long term in the thing that one does not enjoy. With the proper selection, one could work in the career one desires.

Personality and strength provide a clear direction for your career.”

What kind of strength and personality that suits your future career?

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