The Power of “No”

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Is it hard to say “No” when others asking you for doing something that harms you?

Imagine a fresh graduate has just secured a job. With his salary, he could barely survive with a decent lifestyle. One day after his tiring work, his friend called him to ask for a meet up on the weekend. Subsequently, this guy was meeting his friend in a café in a shopping district. After chit-chatting for a while, his friend was suddenly recommending insurance for him.

Initially, he was trying to reject him because he knows that insurance does not apply to him. Moreover, based on his income, paying insurance is definitely will increase the financial burden. However, his friend is begging him and finally threaten him on their friendship. Finally, he signed his insurance contact hesitantly and making him unable to save money. Would he sign the contract if the one who offers is a stranger?

One may be more reluctant to say “No” to the person that one closes with, such as friends and families. It is due to fear and guiltiness to people around us. On the other hand, it will be easier for one to ignore some strangers and acquaintances. The less emotional burden and courage are required to reject them compare to someone close with you.

Close friends and families definitely have a more significant effect on oneself than acquaintances and strangers. The paradox arises when one is more reluctant to say ‘No’ to close friends and families. One is more likely to be harmed seriously because of the reluctance of saying ‘No’.

There are a lot of things that in our real life that need us to say ‘No’. There are some benefits by saying ‘No’ at the right moment . One is not only benefitted in the long run but also able to keep your dignity and integrity. An official initially will enjoy the bribery that other gives. After several years, people will see him/her as a corruptor and believe this person is controllable by money.

It requires strength for one to disagree to the person with a higher social status than us, such as parents, teachers, and bosses. Sometimes it is shown a sign of disobedience, but appropriately saying ‘No’ will make them have respect on oneself.

To sum up, people will tend to think that agreeing to other people will improve the relationship for one another. However, sometimes by agreeing on something that will harm you, it will not benefit yourself and will ruin your relationship. Hence, one needs to disagree appropriately to protect oneself.

The ability to disagree is an essential element for one to take control of oneself.

How to balance your agreeable and disagreeable traits?

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