Learning, Key to A Better Yourself

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Do you continue to learn new things after your education?

“Yay! Finally, I have graduated… I have overcome challenges in these years, it’s time for me to enjoy my life, I will never study anymore.” could be one’s thought after completing the study and looking forward to the next life phase. Eventually, one will find a job and will eventually forget what one learned in college/school. Therefore, is it important for one to attend school/college?

Despite the fact, some people are still studying hard since young for several reasons. Some put their endeavor for getting a ticket to some renowned high schools and universities, some are passionate about certain subjects, while some are because of family or peer pressure. Regardless of what are the reasons, these people will be well-educated and well-prepared to become future working forces in a certain field.

After one has graduated, one will hustle from 9 to 5. After coming back, one is too tired to learn while one may still need to do house chores. After 5 years has passed, one will most likely forget what he/she learned in college/university. If the situation keeps going on, one will likely to remain in the same life quality if there is no significant change for the rest of one’s life. Among these people, some are able to distinguish themselves from others. What makes the differences?

From my personal view, there are two causes why some people could excel in their fields: a greater aim or ambition and keep-learning mentality. To achieve something great, one normally put more effort and time on doing their task. To keep doing something productive, regardless one has the passion or not, one needs to have a motivation or goal to sustain to do the task in a long term. At the moment one is doing something productive for oneself, one will learn something new. Nevertheless, how people will have an ambition or have keep-learn mentality?

As having an aim, it means one has something to achieve. It could be having a new house, it could be getting a promotion, it could be having a good relationship, etc. To achieve it, one needs to set a long term goal. To sustain, one can divide the goal into multiple short term goals. People brains are keen on to the reward system. When one constantly success, one will have a motivation to keep doing things one like and vice versa.

Knowledge is an essential element for increasing our understanding in this world. As knowledge in this world is infinity, one is impossible to understand everything. Keep-learning mentality is important to make one realize that one has insufficient knowledge. When one enjoys learning new things, one will be constantly improving, rather than just meeting up with friends or playing games. In reality, the hardest thing is to start to have the action. If one could execute the action effectively, one will make a difference in oneself life.

Aim and Learn is the key to change yourself in a better way.”

How do you make a difference?

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