Pursue A Life With Options

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Are you able to choose what kind of life you want to live?

In this world, everyone is born and raised up in different situations. One could enjoy their time in a café sitting and reading a novel peacefully, yet another is struggling in the workplace to rush for their deadlines. One could merrily gather with their families every week. At the same time, another hardly spend his/her night with other people because of living far from home. Some people believe that one is live in better conditions than the others, but what makes them think like that?

Wealth may significantly improve one’s lifestyle. As one could obtain things one craves without considering money, one enjoys a lifestyle that let other people envy. One could have social status with the wealth one owns. However, it would come with a trade-off. One needs to sacrifice his time to gain wealth. In reality, most of us spend many years to achieve that. The moment one become rich, one may not have time to enjoy his/her wealth. Do become wealthy make people live happily?

Abundance time should be the answer to have a good life quality. That’s maybe the reason why people urge of craving for holidays and early retirement. One could travel around the world, one can enjoy doing the thing one likes, one could having fun and don’t need to think about school and work. While we sacrifice our times, do we get the life that we wish for?

The emergence of these questions has let one contemplates whether time and money is the essential factor to have a good life. I believe the majority of people is either having one of them, and it is challenging to have both of them. Despite having both of them, does it guarantee that one is happy with it? What makes people have a fulfilling life?

To live a fulfilling life, a person needs to take control of his/her own life. It means that one could choose what kind of life one wants. Sad to say, most people are unable to have options in their lives. In other words, they are unable to choose what kind of life they want to live. One may not stop working because of living expenses, one has to do something that one doesn’t like to survive. It leads to thinking, how to make a life with options?

While we are given opportunities to choose the way of living, try to be decisive. As we have determined what kind of life we want, we will focus our energy towards our ideal lifestyles. Moreover, do not take for granted for any lifestyle that one has currently, as one may not know what downfall one will encounter in the future. The moment that we believe that we are in control of our lives, the moment that we have a more fulfilling life.

“The more options you can choose, the more fulfilling your life is.”

What kind of action you will do to create a fulfilling life?

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  1. Musfiq says:

    Very informative article


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