Habit and Dream

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Is it tough to achieve your dream? If the answer is yes, why?

“In this year, I am going to save money my Europe trip. I hope this year I am going to be a popular artist. I am going to exercise ….” sounds like a typical new year resolution. Most will make these resolutions at the end of the year, but ridiculously most probably none will happen. Why most people make wishes and never achieve it?

In this connected world, we are constantly bombarded by a lot of information. This information, regardless of consciously or subconsciously, will significantly affect our moods, particularly something that we wish we could have. For example, one watches a car review YouTube video. Some people may be tempted and excited to buy a car because of the video. Every day we are fed with a myriad of stuff that is not real for ordinary people (holidays, houses, extravagant lifestyle, etc.).

To attain it, one needs to work hard to make one’s dream come true. However, not all people are unable to achieve their objectives. For example, not all people are going to succeed in their careers, not all people are going to have their dream holidays. Why they couldn’t achieve their dreams?

Habit plays a significant role in achieving dreams. For example, two guys that wish to have good body postures at the end of the year. Both of them have the same conditions initially. Both of them are very enthusiast to go to the gym and do the training in the first month. However, the difference starts appearing when the first guy is trying to continue the work out continuously while another one desperately trying to quit exercising.

As expected, the first guy improves his posture significantly and become more attractive. In contrast, the second guy is unable to fix his posture. The first guy will confidently believe that he can achieve anything that he dreams, while the others ridiculously joking why a dream is a dream. In the long run, there is a significant difference between these two people.

The lack of consistency and meaning may be the reason that people stops pursuing their dream. To have a decent body posture, one needs to work out for at least twice a week. To become a pro guitar player, one needs to continually rehearse. In reality, most people understand what to do in to achieve their dreams, but the one that distinguishes an achiever from the rest is their ability to withstand the boredom and challenges faced. Of course, it is challenging. That’s why meaning is essential to let one keeps going on. With meaning, one can go through any problem steadily in the future.

Meaning and Consistency are the keys to a good habit and an achievable dream.”

How to pursue your dream so it will become more meaningful?

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