Family and Personality

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How does your family affect your personality?

Every day we are meeting various people with different actions. One passionately hangs out with acquaintances every night, while one prefers to stay at home to watch a TV show on weekends. One eagerly plays basketball with friends after school, while one enjoys reading a non-fiction book after a tiring day. These actions often infer one’s characters, that will affect what one’s impression towards another.

Some characters are more charismatic and likeable than the others. Based on these characters, there are some positive traits. Passionate, emphatic, easy-going, open-minded are some positive traits that make one more likeable. Some people will value one quality more than another. Here comes with a question, what determines one’s personality?

Family upbringing will bring a vital role in a person’s personality. A kid that has strict and demanding parents are generally polite, reserved, shy, submissive, and not confident. Meanwhile, a kid that has parents that are pampering him/her is typically rude, bossy, active, and confidence. These traits will last with the kids until they have grown up. From how parents treat their children, it will significantly shape how the children behave.

One may argue that it is better to have a personality of the first kid. However, when this kid has grown up, he/she may encounter some serious problems. This kid is likely to be indecisive, shy, and lack of confidence. On the other hand, the rude kid will remain confident and active, although he/she is not likeable. Therefore, there is no right or wrong personality. However, it doesn’t mean that one doesn’t need to improve one’s personality. Then, how to improve one’s character in a family context?

If you are a parent, try to listen to your children for what he/she wants, sometimes your children know what is best for his/her life. Other than that, try not to restrict your children for doing things that they like. It will make your children become an outgoing and open-minded person. If a parent is trying to limit his/her children to do their things, the children will feel that he/she is not in control. In short, try to teach your children while keeping them happy.

If you are a child, try to share with your parents what you want. If they disagree, try to give an argument to your parents in a polite way. Sometimes your parent will have a better view, and the discussion will lead to a better outcome. Moreover, try to talk to your friends because socializing with people is an effective way to improve your social skill. In the end, we need to communicate to shape a good personality.

Communication is an effective way to shape a positive personality.”

What will you do to shape your children’s personality?


  1. Aushana says:

    I like how you highlighted the importance of communication within a family.

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    1. TheSunWolf says:

      I am glad that you like it!

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