Freedom, An Illusion or A Reality ?

What is your definition of freedom? Is it the definition that most people defines?

Freedom, a word that everyone could say easily but ironically only a few understand it, has a different definition for everyone. If you are a student, then you may associate freedom for your summer holiday. If you are a worker, then you may think that freedom is to be financially stable. And if you are a parent, you probably want to take a break after taking care of your little Alice for a long period.

The freedom that people generally associates are usually tied with their commitments. For students, their freedoms are depending on their school. For workers, their freedoms are depending on their boss. For parents, their freedoms come when their children go to their school or when they go for a field trip. Moreover, undeniably there is an unmentioned number of examples. However, one may subconsciously rely his/her freedom on other people and circumstances, which is the main problem.

This reliance is a severe issue because most of the times that one consumes is not based on one’s own will. Of course, some exceptional cases are unavoidable, such as going to school or having conscription in certain countries, etc.. However, most people got a chance to choose whatever they want in the future in a certain period, and some of them don’t even aware if they have missed their opportunity. The consequence is they are stuck with their commitments that they must go through whether they like it or not.

From my personal view, there are two main reasons why people are unable to achieve their freedom; misconception of freedom and lack of action. For example, some people are joyful when Friday is coming, that is common. From that example, one can see that they associate holiday as freedom, which is a very dangerous mindset. People generally are working five days a week and have a holiday at the weekend. On the other hand, one only can enjoy freedom two out of seven days in his/her life. Therefore, there is a need to change people’s understanding of freedom.

Being free should be a dream for most people, but only a few are able to attain it. The main reason is when they are given spare times to think about their future, some people do not have clear life paths. It leads to a life without direction. Subsequently, it leads to inconsistent action in their lives. In the long run, some people are successful, and the others are not in society’s standard.

To achieve freedom, one should know that freedom is the ability of a person to choose whatever thing that one wants to do in their life. One should form a clear direction and a good habit that leads to the freedom of one’s life. Otherwise, the chasing of freedom is only a mere illusion. “A good mindset and habit will lead you to freedom, while a bad mindset and habit will lead you to misery.”

Is your current definition of freedom is an illusion or a reality?

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